Linux Notes

I find Linux quite fascinating. It is the Operating System which has its source code available and quite robust. It powers a lot of things from esoteric devices to Google's servers. However, it is not without its drawbacks. This page is a meta page of links for the common issues that I have faced, and links to solutions from around the web.

OS issues

Niggling issues that you may want to fix to get the basic things working.

Xubuntu 13.10 Sound Volume Indicator issue.

If you see your volume indicator being always muted like

then check out the steps here.


If you are moving from another operating system, you may be looking for apps that let you do what you want to. Here's a list of common stuff that you would want. Install commands are given using apt-get
  • Pidgin : This is an all in one solution for various Instant Messaging (IM) applications like gtalk, facebook chat, yahoo chat, etc.
    • sudo apt-get install pidgin
  • Calibre : If you have an eBook reader like the Kindle, then this makes it easy to transfer books to your device and also handles the format changes if needed.
    • sudo apt-get install calibre

Application Indicators

Application indicators are small icons which stay on the taskbar and give relevant information that you want. I personally always enable the weather indicator, but there is a long list. Take a look at the thread What Application Indicators are available for a long list that may interest you.


Linux is not a known platform when it comes to gaming. However, with SteamOS putting their might behind linux - this situation may hopefully change. Check out the Steam Linux Games here

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